About Us

     One day I had a dream that the world I was born on was a different place in a different time and space. Human beings were a beacon of light in the universe. Man, beast, and earth coexisted in perfect precision. Governments around the globe worked in service to the masses, and the masses were prosperous. Mankind had figured out how to harness the energy of the sun, water, wind, and technology was much further advanced compared to what we are currently accustomed. No one starved. War was unheard of. The planet earth was a magnificent utopia and people lived in peace and harmony. It was a really cool dream...but then I woke up and realized that it was just a dream. I had work to do.
     Conscience Clothes Company was an idea I had for a apparel line in 2007 when I was doing shows locally in Milwaukee, WI. At the time people were still rebuilding from the damage cause by hurricane Katrina along the Gulf Coast and I had the desire to do something to help. The plan was to sell shirts at my shows and the proceeds would go directly to the people in need on the gulf coast. I was inspired by the culture and politics of the 2005-2007 and wanted to do something to affectively improve the state of our union starting with the most traumatized communities among us. I was also inspired by the 1968 Memphis sanitation strike signs and by the way the government reacted in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. I watched in disgust at the way people were treated like animals solidifying the cliche that history will repeat itself. I did all the research, did all the paperwork, then got some "I AM HUMAN" t-shirts to sell so I could eventually become the change I dreamed about. I was initially unsuccessful with that venture because I got distracted by life, juggling an established career, and this huge dream of mine. In 2016 I was re-inspired and got back to work on a fresh new look for an old idea. This time around my goals are a little different as well. I must be an entrepreneur to be able to take care of my family and have any chance at changing the world. I also discovered about myself that I may not be great, but I am persistent.
     I did more research, did all the paperwork again and reinvented the company. What came to me in a dream, developed into the symbol of Conscience Clothes. Our logo is a reflection of balance in a world off kilter. The C’s are tilted for that reason. The red color stands for the senseless bloodshed persisting around the globe and the gold represents the hope for humanity and how valuable it can be. The angel vs demon represent the human conscience. Right vs wrong, good vs evil. Like the yin and yang everyone has it in them. So, everyone who is ready to reinvent fashion with CCC is able to wear it proudly, because it becomes more than just fashion when there's a story behind each design and the owner of the line prioritizes better business practices.
     I worked with local companies and designers to create a product I could be proud of. The angel and demon designs were drawn by yours truly and the new company logo was a collaboration between my wife, myself, and my son. Plans for fashion domination and community building are in the works so to all the people who have been knocked down, let’s help each other get back up. Let’s get back to work on rebuilding our world one day at a time. Now, I dream of the day CCC can sponsor the construction of local youth centers like the one I attended as a child so community building won't just be a thing to say, but something that I am actively doing. Thank you for your support. V